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Up up. It’s the Christmas Travel Insurance Amigo season my friend, so let’s go crazy in Acapulco. Get out your sunscreen, get out Lilo’s puncture repair kit, and go to the tannery to get your “base” color (two shades lighter than the Cuprinol man should be enough)! Who, easy? Don’t get your travel insurance amigo first? Don’t you remember my Uncle George? He went on a package trip to the Brahma Coast in ’76 without taking out insurance. What a disastrous decision! The day after having a close call with an inflatable banana, he travel insurance amigo lost four fingers in a tragic Pedalo accident. Tourism and Travel

Travel Insurance Amigo

Travel Insurance Amigo

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This mistake ended up travel insurance amigo costing him his career as a bishop at the Royal Philharmonic (because he was not sure that he could not afford human finger transplantation, instead he had to settle for the travel insurance amigo tools of a Swiss army knife as a figure replacement). How different things could have been. Now Uncle George works at the local pub, opening beer bottles with travel insurance amigo what would have been his index finger. If only he had taken out travel insurance.

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Travel insurance amigo may seem like a pretty simple thing; But (as is often the case with financial products) it can be a lot more complicated than it sounds. It is a type of insurance that covers an umbrella travel insurance amigo with different risks, namely:

Cancellation of your vacation due to accident or illness.

  • Loss or theft of property.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Repatriation costs, ie. the amount it would cost to transport him back to the UK if he is ill.

Liability of third parties (which covers all legal actions if you travel insurance amigo injure another person or cause damage to another person’s property).

Not all of the above is included by default in all policies, so read the fine print to see what really covers you. My Uncle George has a magnifying glass where his little finger used to be, especially so he can scan travel insurance amigo policies.

Unsurprisingly, there are more to think travel insurance amigo about besides this; Check out these tips to make sure his trip doesn’t turn into a nightmare on vacation!

  • You don’t just need travel insurance amigo if you travel abroad. Even if you don’t need the level of coverage you need in other countries, there is still a risk that you will have to cancel your trip. Ask about the cancellation policy where to stay if your money is not refundable (or part of it is not), it is recommended to have some coverage. In addition to this, it is possible that he may lose a property while on holiday in the UK or that he may travel insurance amigo injure other people. However, check your construction and contents insurance first, as you may already have some coverage.
  • You may already have travel insurance amigo! If you have a checking account (usually the more “premium” types) or a credit card or construction insurance, you can have free travel insurance amigo as part of the deal. My uncle

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